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ITT Technical Institute

A thought occurs, which at least got me off my ass and made me start this thing.  I’ve seen a number of those ITT Tech commercials, and they’ve looked to be ethnically diverse and mostly half and half on gender.  it feels like I’ve seen more men than women, but that’s luck of the commercials I see and they at least appear to be trying to be gender neutral.  But something hit me today: only men on ITT Tech commercials can provide for their family.

Most of the men on those commercials that I’ve seen talk about their family, about peace of mind having stable employment thanks to ITT Tech, about the joy they feel being able to provide for their family.  Their age ranges, but most have the family prominent in the ad.  It’s all about being the provider.

The women?  They are modern career women, and are talking about much the same feelings: safety, joy at employment, all thanks to ITT Tech. But they almost never have families.  They’re never the provider.  And if they do have a family, the commercial hypes how ITT Tech works around their schedule so they can also raise their children. As they must be expected to do.  THat’s the closest they come to being provider for their family, but the commercials never have them discuss being financial providers, or, God forbid, the only provider.  A woman?  No, of course not.

I wanted to make a fun first blog post, and what’s more fun than deeply rooted cultural stereotypes that, at the end of the day, NO ONE in the commercials might be aware of?  That’s what troubles me most. There are staunch misogynists in the world who actively and happily want to hold women back, view them as inferior, and think nothing of them.  But there are a lot of these softer roadblocks to gender equality in our society.  Long-held beliefs that few question, or even find wrong.  Things that persist even today, when women can earn more than their spouse, can be the single bread winner, but still earn less on average.  I don’t think ITT Tech set out to reinforce the stereotype of the male head of the home and his place as the provider, but it’s there.

And yet, I can’t help but worry I’ve just seen the wrong ITT Tech commercials.  But like hell I’m going to go watch them on Youtube.  Tax time!  Hope for more!

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