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On Absence

on August 31, 2012

Hello blog. I’ve missed you.

In a way, this will just be an extended personal journey entry. But I wanted to have something to discuss the absence so when I  look back on ONE (hopefully) yawning chasm of inactivity years from now, I’ll know why I was away.

11th through 19th of August I was dogsitting in a house with basically no Internet. It was really nice in a lot of ways; my aunt and uncle paid me to be without Internet for a week, because otherwise they just did a bunch of shit for me. They loaned me a house way closer to work with a driveway that was paved and everything, unlike the sideyard here at home. They loaned me two dogs who, if they could have just stopped waking me up at 5am, would have been my best friends. They loaned me a 50″ HD TV that hooked right up to my computer and also had super Satellite TV (the kind with 5,000 channels that just made it harder to navigate between the three channels you’d regularly watch).

And, weirdly enough, they loaned me a vacation from politics.  I missed a lot about the Internet: Shakesville, Youtube as radio, Twitter dearly. But I very quickly got comfortable with not being able to follow politics at all. I thought it’d drive me crazy, being unable to read the news, or follow the realtime unfolding of events, and then writing up my thoughts. I watched MSNBC for an hour just before Paul Ryan was announced, and never watched it or any other news again.  I even wrote, a bunch, and I’m not sure how I’m going to pace publishing, but I have a bunch of posts, some already written and some outlined.  It was a perfect vacation.

I also found out I lost my job coming home.

And I’m only coming back to Twitter and blogging now, two weeks after finishing my puppy playtime.  In that time I continued to write, and I slowly began reading again. I caught back up on the Fatstronauts series on Shakesville and some Captain Awkward, read some Al Jazeera, and caught up on a few lingering articles from before the break. But I kept putting Twitter further off, despite having literally full days to do whatever I want.

As I sit here writing, I’m slowly learning about Clint Eastwood threatening the President by… threatening a chair? I have the video queued up, thanks to someone on Twitter, and also know about it at all this morning thanks to Twitter. I’ve gathered a wonderful group of followed people, and honestly get most of my news first from Twitter anymore. And I prefer it that way. In the way that the Daily Show used to be a good starting point to dig deeper, because it would follow up horrifying shit with a laugh, Twitter makes politics and current events more accessible. It keeps me from turning off, shutting it out, and avoiding it.

Also, side tangent: my friend Derek gifted me Guild Wars 2, which I’ve been playing with him at night, and it’s the best fucking thing. But, thankfully, I think I can honestly say it didn’t factor into not coming back to Twitter, and that’s also the best fucking thing. That’s a major evolution given I can also honestly say that, for most of my World of Warcraft playing time, I was addicted. GW2, so far, has been running around some beautiful environments as a plant person, questing some, gathering some, jump puzzling some (I fucking love jump puzzles, and the jump physics and puzzles in this game aren’t even that good and they still are great) and just generally enjoying the feeling of no pressure. I have a quest line I’ve been following, but mostly I just wander around maps tyring to find Points of Interest, stumbling upon areas where someone needs me to help capture failed experiments or crush spider eggs, and that’s questing in GW2. Also, once you discover a fast-travel point, you pay a pittance and instantaneously teleport there. No muss no fuss. It’s just so much fun, which is exactly how I want a videogame to feel.

It doesn’t hurt that the support staff is making a clear stand for safe spaces. http://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/yxx3m/suspensions_for_offensive_names_and_inappropriate/ =D =D =D


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