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Why, in an Ever-moving News Cycle, not Being Past This Point is Important

on September 1, 2012

So, this idea is now three weeks old, but still relevant to the current discussion, which is a big part of the problem really!

The only bit of politics I followed dog sitting was watching Weekends with Alex Witt leading up to Mitt Romney’s announcement of Paul Ryan as VP. It had already been leaked that Ryan was going to be VP choice, so mostly it was a discussion of what his nomination meant for Mitt. And can I say how sharp a contrast it drew between MSNBC and Fox News? People were critically discussing Paul Ryan, and the worst criticisms of Ryan were a mention of image/race (how similar Mitt and Ryan look with a bit of discussion about Rubio and the Hispanic vote) and discussing how the Ryan budget can turn people off, but the second was couched in talk about how Romney was already running on Ryan’s plan and how the Ryan budget is exemplar of Republican fiscal policy. And it was just so… respectful. Non-apoplectic. I’m somebody who views the end of the world in a Romney/Ryan presidency with a Republican Congress and I really appreciated the level-headedness.

The main point that emerged from the discussion, however, was that the big positive of Paul Ryan as a VP pick was less Ryan and more that a VP was picked to shift the discussion away from Mitt Romney as a person and the vaguery of policies Mitt Romney wants to bring to bear. But that misses the point that a VP pick wouldn’t have been necessary if Mitt Romney would have announced any strong, detailed policy plans. It still could have changed discourse, but wouldn’t have been needed to set it. Everything he’s stated he’d do as a course of action has been repealing Obama policies with no mention of what, if anything, he’d replace them with. When Obamacare’s gone, does he actually believe there shouldn’t be a response plan to put in place? (He might, but that’s one of the many problems and why discussing him as a person in a vacuum of actual policies is useful). When we discuss Mitt Romney being unwilling to release his tax returns, he has nothing to move the conversation on because we don’t have a Romney tax plan, not even a “CUT ‘EM ALL EVERYWHERE” plan, and its useful discourse because his guard and the sparse details that have come out despite it point to a view of an out-of-touch plutocrat who would be disastrous for this country at a time when we need the opposite of him. Three weeks ago when Ryan was announced, I assumed Mitt would use Ryan as a scapegoat and stand on his policy without revealing any of Mitt’s own policies. Because his only winning chance (I hope to fuck it still isn’t a WINNING chance, but eugh) is to run as not-Obama, because his actual goals are poison, and he knows it. Instead, they’ve both dodged around each other’s points of view, deflecting to the other whenever possible (Thats his plan, go ask him!) before settling into the current plan of just lying about everything. Finally, Mitt has strong opinions and plans for America! That aren’t couched in any reality. Huzzah!

It’s extremely troubling that we’re finally getting ideas and details, proposals, views of what a Romney presidency would look like, and they’re based in falsehoods. It’s why Ryan’s lie about marathon running, small as it is, holds some importance. He’ll lie about anything, even when there’s really no reason to. And Mitt has the same problem. I still don’t really have a clear idea what a Mitt Romney presidency would be like, but first term (if he got one) is set up to be shockingly bad. Any moderate or even progressive views he’s ever had have been subsumed by the party line, and it’s kindof hilarious that, if you’re worried about a second term President letting loose with everything he’s wanted to do but couldn’t due to political/reelection reasons, it’d be Mitt Romney. What would Romney do with a second term, when he doesn’t have to appeal to the right wing fringe like Republicans are falling over themselves to do?

I don’t want to know. I don’t want to see what quirky things a second term Romney would do in the wake of a first-term Romney beholden to people who want to elevate the life of unborn fetuses above those of the mothers carrying them, want people jailed for using contraception, and want rape to be redefined to only apply to the idea of a government taxing their people.

I also had a few thoughts I jotted down watching the news coverage:

  • The Romney Plan for a stronger middle class. CAN’T WAIT.

    • Will it be “Work hard, and you can move to the upper class! And THEN, whoo boy!”

  • I hope Mitt Romney gains 50 years in age from this campaign, in the way that George W. or Jon Stewart seem to have over the years.

  • Also, MSNBC is camped out in front of Paul Ryan’s house, to the point that they repeatedly discuss that the lights went out at midnight, no sign of him anywhere afterward, and if he snuck out of his own house to head to VP announcement. DID WE MISS IT?!?! NOOOOooooo?!?!!!?


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