Wonderful fights between narcissism and worthlessness

Lance Mannion: Useless in Mitt World

on September 20, 2012

I just read an interesting piece: http://lancemannion.typepad.com/lance_mannion/2012/06/useless-in-mitt-world.html. I wrote originally here (https://sublimebeeessry.wordpress.com/2012/09/13/mitt-romneys-smart-he-also-has-no-heart/) about my current idea for why Mitt can’t relate to human beings, and I still think his choking privilege is the main reason for that complete unstoppable disconnect that produces moment after smiling-during-a-press-conference-for-an-attack-on-America moment, but the above piece by Lance Mannion (Is that… CAN that name be real?) makes a persuasive case for an interesting idea: that many conservatives, specifically our would-be president Mitt, view our society and the people within it purely in economic terms:

What has happened is that the people running the economy and who see the the point of a society as serving the economy are measuring and valuing everything in economic terms, including people, whom they reductively assess as resources or costs, that is as things to be exploited or controlled.

Bad enough, spiritually and psychologically, feeling that you are of no more worth than a lump of coal or useful only for your ability to dig up a lump of coal.

Which prompts an interesting question:

What happens when they decide you are a cost?


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