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Are We Better

on October 18, 2012

So I wonder if ANYBODY ELSE watched last night’s debate? Nah. Probably not.

I was pretty surprised that it was so enjoyable; live-tweeting these things has become my favorite adult activity, but I’m also increasingly aware of the scripted spectacle quality, and it’s becoming less comforting that Mitt Romney’s blatantly lying knowing he and the president are both able to accuse the other of flat-out bullshitting and Mitt will be supported by people not following up or checking in with Fox News to ALSO say ‘Obama was wrong’ with no fact backup. Ten minutes of fetishizing clean coal from both candidates was also touching (of my negative emotion core). Still, between an aggressive no-bullshit Obama and Sensata, it’s been a good week to think Mitt is such an abominable choice for president that you want to vote for Obama, even though he’s not being held accountable for drone strikes, what his “support” of gay marriage has actually been (mostly silence, no legislation), and his relationship to insurance companies, bankers, and corporations in general. Mostly because, while these things and others may not have hope of improving under a second Obama term, Mitt would take the ball and run so much further with them along with a solely Republican focus on women’s vaginas and what they do with them.

Of course, I’m most worried, more so than any potentials of a Ron Paul presidency, of what Mitt could mean for welfare, social security, Medicare, education and loan funding, infrastructure funding, progressive tax rates, and literally any other issue impacting the poor and elderly. Every time someone brings up Mitt’s business experience as though it’s either unequivocally good OR that, yeah, he WILL balance all of our debt forever in four years (on the backs of the majority of Americans leaving them to fend for themselves) I want to throw up my hands and say, “You’re wrong and that is morally wrong.” I try not to think I’m a better human being than conservatives or libertarians, but there’s a societal narrative that putting others above yourself is objectively good I conditionally agree with, and it’s jarring that the same people who’d probably agree that Billy Zane in Titanic taking a spot on the lifeboat over a woman or child is evil AND that the money you earn is indicative of your worth as a human being (you gross assholes) see nothing wrong with hoarding their own money and charging that people who want food who can’t afford it are the REAL villains and they are the REAL victims.

There’s a very real conversation that could occur around taxes and Mitt’s 47% comment, about government competence and the issues surrounding how we pay for social services in a faltering economy and aging population. It’s much like the conversation that needs to occur about the global population that is in no way occurring when the debate starts and stops at the question of whether baby souls are being crushed by Obama’s abortion camps. Contrary to the political debate’s reality, it doesn’t need to be derailing bullshit when someone wants to talk numbers, until they start spewing “NO NEW TAXES” and nothing else. I will gladly pay more in taxes personally to build up welfare, unemployment, and Medicare, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care if that money is spent efficiently and well.

At some point, it feels like the left’s argument can simply be, “You’re a monster and wrong and our ideals are better than yours.” And it feels like the only thing making that a bad argument to make isn’t the intricacies of the issues and the absoluteness of the statement but that it allows for a creeping sense of superiority that can make assholes of us all. If the right is going to claim they are the stewards of charity but only on their terms and also you don’t deserve food or shelter, it’s legit to claim they are not worthy of being the stewards of charity nor deserving of an opinion on the social safety net.

And while it’s also a symptom of the simplification of the news media, there’s something so disturbing about the conservative rallying cry being “Not MY tax dollars!”

Mostly, what keeps me from embracing that opinion is there’s nothing good about thinking yourself better than other human beings. It’s why I want to talk to my mom about her support for Mitt Romney (most likely. She’s getting Republican Party fliers in the mail), but I won’t. I’m worried about that attitude of being morally right manifesting in a horribly assholish way. I don’t think I can come off articulate or non-aggressive, and I know she doesn’t get news from reading or television so I have no idea what her sources are or, if it’s Fox News secondhand, how to bring up everything wrong with that. Politely anyway, if I can do it at all effectively. Because in my head, there just comes a point where I want to say in frustration and anger, not at her, but about Mitt Romney to her, this is the man who views your only human worth as your paycheck. This is the man happy to use you as rhetoric but will not support you in government, not knowing he’d have a chance at re-election and that the tea party’s not going anywhere and wants women subjugated to any embryo that forms. This is the man who wants you to slowly lose your home and starve to death if you get into a car accident driving the hour to and from work this winter (we have bad winters. My mom still tells me to be careful driving and she’s not really being patronizing), who thinks you should have just worked harder if you need assistance, which in this example would I guess mean waking up at 4a to drive to your 9a job in a car-less street. Or buying a Hummer or Semi to be unassailable on the road. This is the man who views your two children having to pay a cent for college as YOUR fault for not being able to send them full ride, not his fault for cutting Pell grants to make sure his tax cuts and military spending increases are “revenue neutral.” This is a man who doesn’t care about you until you head a corporation and barely tolerates you if you have a job.

And at some point there’s really no need to say anything other than, “You’re immoral. Fuck you.”


One response to “Are We Better

  1. Well put. 🙂

    Watching these debates and commenting on them with Facebook friends has become one of my favourite activities and I can’t even vote in this election…(I’m just a Canadian who needs a life, unfortunately, lol…)

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