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The Face of Homophobia (Is luckily Painted Like a Clown)

on January 31, 2013

[Trigger Warning: Homophobia]

Although it’s a comical shade of and reason for homophobia.

http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-gay-marry-court-20130127,0,6421506.story What the fuck? What in the ever-loving fuck?

This article details the current argument by those fighting to repress anyone who IDs Not Straight (With the usual likeliness that in their eyes there are only two choices and two genders making those choices) as we come ever closer to seeing how the conservative justices will twist law to openly discriminate against entire groups of human beings based on their natural character. Basically, the main points this round for homophobes seem to be:

“Slut” Shaming and the need for marriage to discriminate against homosexual (and I’d assume all non-heterosexual) couples so unplanned babies will have a COMPLETELY FUNCTIONAL marriage forced on their parents?

Gays have ALL THE POWER because I can’t hurl slurs in public and that Starbucks Barista made fun of Republican senators saying bigoted shit that one time

In addition, Gays have TOO MUCH POWER because, seriously, we were able to discriminate against most other minorities who aren’t us for hundreds of years, and we, like, JUST recognized that non-10000%-heterosexuality was a thing! Can’t we oppress them a bit longer? This is all moving SO FAST to them being equal citizens

This all strikes me with the usual laugh melting into terror that SOPA and PIPA did. Except, where those were cases of a technologically inept legislative body bumbling a power grab with the worry of what happens when someone who knows how to use a search engine tries the same things, this is the latest in a long line of hate, if the first chance to hate in front of the Supreme Court. And this is the argument? I mean, there’s so obviously no fucking argument for treating any couple differently, whoever they are and however they express their love (save in instances of abuse and harm being done), but this is an argument that cannot hold sway with anyone but Glenn Beck and the arguer’s hungry cat whose mews he mistakes as supportive of bigotry.

Here’s to hoping the rest of the arguments heard are as flimsy as this one, leaving little wiggle room for anyone who wants to legislate hate.


One response to “The Face of Homophobia (Is luckily Painted Like a Clown)

  1. Lindsey Weedston says:


    I keep reading the LA Times article, but… the puzzle pieces just do not fit together. They don’t. they don’t.

    So… we breeders need marriage because we’re so dumb and irresponsible and crappy that we can’t stop having babies all willy nilly, and so marriage will at least make sure we take care of the baby properly (even though it won’t). And for some reason… gay people getting married ruins that for us?


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