Wonderful fights between narcissism and worthlessness

Intersectionality and the Failures of White Feminism

Made a storify of just one of the fucking metric ton of great conversations going on about society’s ills last night.

Yes it was the one I was involved in, doesn’t mean nothin’, okay, WHATEVER


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Kyriarchy-Cracking Content

So, I’ve fallen in love with two websites recently, where love means reading through their entire archive because everything is the purest, mind-expanding, kyriarchy-threatening, clarifying, most-excellent-metaphor using good

http://thesecretliberalagenda.com/ Website of @CromulentGamer who’s just as awesome on site as on Twitter. It’s top-class satire mixed with earnest posts, and it is ALL biting, witty commentary on culture. Stephen Colbert without the Transphobia and sexism!


http://makemeasammich.org/ That I want to link and quote from because HOLY SHIT it is so amazingly, “how in the fuck is this SO TRUE of EVERYWHERE, let alone ANYWHERE in our supposedly modern-era country” good. It’s as if feminism exploded (in a good way), finding and discussing every facet and issue of contemporary culture women struggle against

http://makemeasammich.org/2013/04/25/rules-for-touching-me/  By @SeeSidWrite “I’m writing this right now, and I’m getting angry all over again. You do not guilt other human beings into going beyond their comfort zones just because their comfort zones hurt your feelings. You are a grown-up. Fucking act like it.”

http://makemeasammich.org/2013/04/03/how-many-of-me-equals-one-man/ Also by Sid. And the entire crux and realization of the article, that if people in charge of problematic content for a videogame had known it was a man fighting against it and not a man speaking for two women the argument would have had more sway, more power, and more ears not deaf to it, is a punch to the fucking gut.

“How many women equal one man? Obviously more than two, but how many? Three? Five? How many female voices carry the same weight as one male voice?

How many of me do I need to be taken seriously?”

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Patriot, Racistriot

It’s really fucked how much this IRS-Tea party fiasco is showing of this country’s racism and political problems, thanks basically to government Republicans and Fox News.

It’s two completely different situations and there’s really no comparison to be made, BUT, it’s still infuriating knowing how many people (including those who wouldn’t fall into the above two categories) who are somehow livid that the IRS paid special attention to a stated anti-tax, anti-law group would likely turn RIGHT around and make the argument that we need to profile other people based on skin color and religion because of the (incorrect) notion that there’s “established history” and a very good reason for extra scrutiny (based on completely racist narratives!)

One of the tea party’s core tenants, as in, a belief that defines the organization and is shared by most if not all members, is not being taxed at all. Another is that breaking laws you don’t like is the just and right thing to do. It’s patriotic! Tea Partiers also routinely (and sickeningly fondly) talk about watering the tree of liberty with blood. So the IRS, a tax-collecting organization, paid extra attention to ensure that an explicitly anti-tax, anti-law-abiding group that talks enthusiastically about starting a bloody civil war actually paid taxes.

An extremist group of terrorists who were also Muslim perpetrated an attack (much as Timothy McVeigh did before them, when we did not in any way scrutinize white Christians. HMMMM). So a bunch of bigots took that as an excuse to scrutinize all dark-skinned Muslims (while falsely equivocating dark skin or accents as an indicator of the religion), perform hate crimes, legislate against freedoms, and start witch hunts both in communities and federally.

But, oh yeah, this is the IRS really trampling on everyone’s freedom here, and that other one is totes not racist and just safety or whatever. THIS SITUATION, YEP, NAILED IT, GOOD JOB PATRIOT

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