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Not Quite The Best Day For Progress

Today, two supreme court decisions came down supporting the equality of gay people in America: The striking down of key provisions in the Defense of Marriage Act, and the upholding of a lower court’s overturning of California’s Prop 8 that sought to ban same-sex marriage. I want to be happy about this. I really do. And while these steps are small, they ARE steps in the right direction that so easily (it seems) could have been in the wrong direction.

I want to take that little bit of happiness in the Supreme Court Rulings, but, no. This is a bad day. A horrible day. Let alone that there’s still no measure of mention of gender and sexuality outside of binaries, or mention of the poverty, homelessness, and other discrimination politics happening to TLGQBAIU people that are FAR more pressing for equality than equality under the law for marriage rights. Then again, my country did just overturn a Voting Rights Act so why the FUCK would we be more than a pinkie toe dipped into the ocean of progress we need to make happen.

Yeah, today? Today was a REALLY bad day. Here’s a little list of what went wrong:

[Content Note: Racism, Sexism, Fat-phobia, Repro rights restrictions, Kyriarchy’s Imperialism. I also have a lot of links to sources that can definitely be problematic but are minimally so here (Daily Show, Jezebel, etc.)]

  1. VRA overturned, ALONE, HOLY FUCK, and also Perry’s quick as shit push once that happened to suppress minority voters. It took him TWO HOURS. TWO HOURS for a white governor to gleefully push through voting restrictions that unfairly target minority voters, but, oh yeah Scalia, racism’s totes dead in the US: http://continueplease.tumblr.com/post/54059620409/sandandglass-they-couldnt-even-wait-for-2
  2. Basically everything about the discussion about Rachel Jeantel in the trial: http://jezebel.com/why-is-rachel-jeantel-being-treated-like-shes-the-one-602053791
  3. The Indian Child Welfare Act decision, so, thanks Supreme Court! Shoulda quit when ahead! http://fuckyeahcracker.tumblr.com/post/54047130860/tranqualizer-photo-dusten-brown-spending-time
  4. The Ohio House budget vote that included Planned Parenthood attacks and abortion restrictions that worked like most federal budget amendments in passing shit without rigorous debate: https://twitter.com/PPAOhio/status/350354069283545090
  5. Perry’s special session to try and force S.B.5 through and him being such an arrogant garbage pile about it
  6. What Perry said about Wendy Davis. To see Perry use her life history and story against her and women’s rights, her mother’s age and her age becoming a mother against her and women’s rights: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/27/rick-perry-wendy-davis_n_3510844.html
  7. RIck Perry
  8. That there are no kickstarters for cannons to fire Rick Perry into the Sun
  9. No but seriously FUCK OFF RICK PERRY: http://racismschool.tumblr.com/post/54047228336/the-louder-they-scream-the-more-we-know-that-we

I hope hope hope hope HOPE HOPE HOPE the legacy of Rick Perry is the masses of Texas progressives standing up to him. The 62% of people opposed to S.B. 5 and abortion restrictions. I hope his legacy is a legacy of defeat every step of the way from now on and NO ONE coming in to fill the garbage-void he leaves when pushed out of office. I hope he is a term used to describe the nation waking up to the reality of THE SOUTH not being one homogenous redneck stereotype, and rather being a state with some huge problems and some huge assholes, but how that’s not really that unique to Texas, and there’s a lot of great people too! Not just Austin and four people huddled in a basement in San Antonio reading HuffPo.


There was good today. No doubt. And hopefully there’ll be a lot more good to come. But there’s a huge hill to climb and today feels like we took a step up then got pushed down and back.

By Rick Perry.

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